Bathroom Angels Adventure! by Crohns Girl!

It very hard to define yourself.....sometimes I don't think I'm describable...I can tell you the boring things like I'm 42 year old single mother that was diagnosed at the early ages of 16 yrs old! I was later told that I had been misdiagnosed for 3 years! This unfortunately is very common in most IBD patients! After having my miricle little girl at the age of 21 yrs old ! I decided to have surgery! The big step of having an ileostomy ! It later became emergency surgery and the ostomy has became permanent ! But you know what? I'm ok with that! For once in my missable life with crohns , having a ileostomy allowed me to have my life back! Two Mothers Day I woke up and wanted to start my own Facebook page! To give back everything I know and have learned over the years! Maybe just maybe I could reach out and help someone like me!
Something happened along the way.......I meet people , people like me, people with the biggest hearts I have ever meet! How did I not know that there at the touch of my fingers I would meet the most incredible people from around the world! People who captured my heart, broke down my walls , and allowed them to see what was really going on in my head and my heart! To all my Facebook friends, twitter, Instagram and many more ..........thank you for saving me , for supporting me, for loving me, for never judging me, helping me find the real me! I hope that you feel like you can ask me anything ...I am here for you! Your not alone and I think that's why we all share this common bond! ....having this community is important to me and the other advocated that do there best everyday helping reaching out, I promise to do my best and support and love you each and everyone of you thanks you from the bottom of my heart! ...."I'm not perfect infact I am far from it but, I promise you, I will devote myself to all of you , be faithful, loving and caring to your needs and privacy if you just give me a change!
~crohns girl~